"waari sawbagya" Program 2021

Inauguration Ceremony of the Reconstruction of Weli Agara Wewa in Giribawa Division under the Irrigation Prosperity Program-2021 was inaugurated at Sangappala Village (2021/04/01)




Road Clearance Shramadana 2021 from Ihala Giribawa Junction to Weragala Temple Junction

Due to the wild elephant menace that is affecting the Giribawa area these days. For the safety of the users of the road from the upper Giribawa Junction to the Weragala Temple Junction.(From januarya 12th to 13th).shc1shc2shc3shc4shc52shc6

73rd National Independence Day

National Independence Day Celebrations organized by the Cultural Section Sri Dharmaraja Dhamma School - Weerapokuna




We started to appreciate the children of economically disadvantaged parents and orphans in the Giribawa Division and to support their education by overcoming their various challenges and continuing their education. Inaugurating the “Giriba Diriya Athwela” program by office bearers and several businessmen in the area to provide school equipment to 50 selected children with financial donations and contributions under the patronage of the Divisional Secretary. (2021.01.01)

 Diriya Athwela
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"waari sawbagya" Program 2021

"waari sawbagya" Program 2021

"waari sawbagya" Program 2021 Inauguration Ceremony of...

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